The major products and sales activities of MORIGO SEIKI CO., LTD. are represented by:
▪Industrial washing machines
▪Measuring instruments of contamination
▪Oil-hydraulic equipment and parts
▪Reduction gear

 In this website, you can check our commodity line-up. We hope our products help those engineers/operators who engage in car manufacturing, general products manufacturing or other manufacturing industry work efficiently. Taking this opportunity, please select our products as your partners.
We are grateful to be one of your partners.

Table of MORIGO SEIKI Products

Washing Machine

NC Controlled Washer

NC Controlled Washer

 In order to wash parts correctly and at high-performance, MORIGO SEIKI has designed and manufactured highly-advanced NC washers.  By applying this "NC Controlled Washer," your vehicle parts or hydraulic component parts would be washed thoroughly and successfully.

Hybrid Type Washer

Hybrid Type Washer

 "Hybrid Washer" was designed and manufactured under the new concept of harmonizing the air-washing method with the water-washing method. When you apply the "Hybrid Type Washer" to cleaning your porous products, they can be washed thoroughly with the high washing capability.

Robotic Washer

Robotized Washer

 This "Robotic Washer" is equipped with a multi-axes articulated robot. The robot-arm-motions are precise and flexible as a human arm, therefore this washer has a high cleaning capability.

Rotary-type washer

Rotary Type Washer

 Our "Rotary Type Washer" is provided with the special index mechanism. The greatest feature of our Rotary Washer is this mechanism with table rotating. We have the patent on this. The sales volume of this model amounts to one third of our annual revenue.

Jet-type Washer

Jet Washer

 This "Jet Washer" is featured by the high capability to wash with high-pressure, heated cleaning liquid, and a rotary table. The production number of this model accounts for more than one third of our annual production.

Through-type Washer

Through-type Washer

 If your products are long-sized or have simple shape, this "Through-type Washer" is much suitable.
Long-sized works, as well as miscellaneous sized works can be washed easily through our tunnel washer.

Ultrasonic Washer

Ultrasonic Washer

 This "Ultrasonic Washer" is fit to remove burrs and other foreign matters from precision parts.

Parts Washer

Parts Washer

 This "Parts Washer" is the simplest washer in our line-up.
It is featured by its simplified construction.
It moves its arm up and down in the liquid, and also can immersion wash with rust-preventive oil or rinse liquid.

Specially Customized Model

Exclusive Use Washer

 To meet customers' requests, we are ready to design special washers.
Please feel free to contact us.

Peripheral Accessories

Peripheral/Surrounding Accessories

 To meet customers' demands, various optional items, concerning the washers are lined up.

Oil-hydraulic Equipment

Oil-hydraulic Equipment  Our various oil-hydraulic component parts are used as machine tools, working machinery or construction machinery.
Therefore the parts must be precise and have high-endurance.
 To satisfy such requirements of preciseness and high-endurance, MORIGO SEIKI is endeavoring to deliver high-quality oil-hydraulic component parts to the Customers by developing our technologies, know-how and quality control system.

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